We are asked increasingly about using GoPro technology for video productions.  What makes them so attractive for video content is that they can capture footage that was previously very expensive and difficult, if not impossible, to get.



Here’s an example of how we’ve done this in a recent video we produced for Honda.  We used 4 GoPros, in different locations attached to the car, to capture the excitement of racing.


Did you know that the GoPro camera was first used by surfers (on waves, not web!) 15 years ago?  Five years later it was developed to capture videos.  And now it seems to be in the centre of action, as it happens, around the globe.  We like them because they allow us to bring stories alive with unique images that make you feel as though you are inside the moment.

If you are interested in how we could integrate the use of a GoPro into your video stories, please do get in touch.