We employ a range of filming techniques – – from standard two camera set ups in an office through to time lapse shoots and drone cameras. And we always use the latest equipment to ensure your video content is TV broadcast quality.

The primary driver behind video content costs is filming days. Adding a day will often double your costs. So, we focus on organising as productive a day as possible. This includes tight scheduling of everyone who is to be filmed and working through the key topics and questions in advance. We also avoid expensive locations/sets wherever possible.


Editing is often the least discussed item for a video production and the most frustrating. That’s why we always clarify, up front, the number of amends that are included in the budget and how long the editing process will take, etc. We aim to have every production edited, finished and available for download within two weeks of the shoot. We are able to do that because of the style of videos we produce, the prep work we do with you before any filming takes place, and the editing talent we have on hand to deliver top quality video content to our clients – – right, first time.

Video Editing


Photography is an increasingly popular service that we can provide. “Behind the Scenes” pictures can be taken at the shoot and then used as images on websites or in social media posts. For example, a picture of a CEO being interviewed or a “how to” demonstration being filmed under the lights and cameras.


Typically, we let the people in the video do the talking. There are times, however, when you need a professional voiceover for an introduction or to punctuate sections within your video. We provide a range of professionally trained voiceover artists on such occasions.

Media Training

We always help clients feel confident in front of the camera. That is key part of what a professionally trained interviewer brings to the party. In fact, our media support has proved so popular that we launched it as a separate, expanded media training service.

The training is designed to ensure that leaders feel comfortable and relaxed when telling their story in front of the camera. We also deliver a module on crisis media management. Please get in touch if you’d like more information on our range of media training options.

Examples of our work