Our History

CommunicateTV was founded in 2011 in response to an increasing demand for video content that is optimised for the internet.

Our founder, Dave Harries, found that increasingly, he was being asked to produce a different style of video. Video content that focussed on answers to specific questions, produced at a high quality – – quickly and affordably.

Dave found that by applying the techniques and disciplines used by BBC and ITV news producers, we could deliver to that new, demanding brief.

CommunicateTV’s background is based firmly in the professional broadcast sector. We base our films on the techniques and disciplines used by BBC and ITV news producers. Our founder Dave Harries is an ex-BBC producer himself. We use BBC or ITV freelance camera crews for all our filming and professional broadcast journalists and producers to interview and direct our films.

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The Team

Dave Harries

Dave harries

Founder and owner, Dave Harries, is a former BBC producer who has long been focused on using the power of interview-based films to help organisations to tell their stories. Dave is the interviewer in chief for CommunicateTV, drawing on his extensive career of broadcasting and his wide base of contacts, producing high quality interview-based films for a variety of clients.

Steve Barton

Steve Barton

Steve Barton (advisor) is an international marketing expert who came to CommunicateTV because his clients were asking for more content, more regularly, at significanlty reduced costs. The web is hungry for content and Steve believes that this will not be answered by traditional approaches. Steve brings a ‘client focussed’ approach as well as a breath of digital media experience to the CommunicateTV team.

Tim Johns

Tim Johns

Tim Johns, (advisor) is one of the most highly-respected communication professionals in the country. He came to CommunicateTV because he recognised the power that short, interview-based films have to get messages across. During his time at consumer giant Unilever, Tim pioneered the use of interview films, both for internal and external audiences, seeing the impact that web-based communications can have to build visibility and trust in leaders and organisations.


CommunicateTV is always keen to add top talent to its list of freelance cameramen, producers and interviewers. If you’re a freelancer with a background and training from a major broadcaster, get in touch today and see if you’d like to join our growing team. info@communicatetv.co.uk