Our Approach

Today, there is a voracious appetite for meaningful content. CommunicateTV, quite simply, are here to supply video content to meet that need using our highly effective and affordable broadcast techniques.

Professionally produced video

CommunicateTV’s background is based firmly in the professional broadcast sector. We base all our films on the techniques and disciplines used by BBC and ITV news producers. Our founder Dave Harries is an ex-BBC producer himself and we use BBC or ITV freelance camera crews for all our filming and professional broadcast journalists and producers to interview and direct our films.

Delivering more video content, faster and less expensively

Our approach is based on the simple but effective TV news interview. Every day professionally-trained interviewers and camera operators create short bulletins for TV news broadcasts. These are shot and edited in a day, and the films are tightly focussed on the news story. We use the same techniques.

CommunicateTV bring the lights, camera and journalist to a location (e.g. clients’ office) rather than using an expensive studio. We work with the clients on creating short, focused stories that will engage their audiences. We help clients understand how media interviews operate so that they are more confident performing in front of the camera. And we deliver professionally edited videos promptly and in an easily accessible format.

As a result, a typical production results in 30 to 40 short videos shot in a day, edited and delivered in a week. One of our most prolific projects delivered 91 videos shot and edited in 1 week for £3,000 – – just under £33 per video. An excellent example of what you can achieve when you have a clear idea of the video that you need for your content marketing programmes and when you apply the CommunicateTV method.

Different video content for different needs

We deliver a number of different types of video content, including: face to camera interview, internal communications, case histories, product demonstrations, etc. Click here to have a look at the different types and styles of videos that we can produce.

Confidence in front of the camera

We always help clients feel confident in front of the camera. That is a key part of what a professionally trained interviewer brings to the party. Our media support has proved so popular that we launched it as a separate, expanded media training service. The training is designed to ensure that leaders feel comfortable and relaxed when telling their story in front of the camera. Contact us for more details of our media training options.